Olyphant Borough

The Queen City

Borough Truck

For a $100 deposit residents can rent the Borough Truck on Mondays, Thursdays, and weekends starting April 13, 2018 until October 26, 2018. The cost per tonnage is $70.00 per ton. Each resident is responsible for the tonnage they put in the truck. If a resident goes over a ton they are responsible for paying and will be billed, if a resident is below a ton the resident will be reimbursed by the Borough in the form of a check with in a week from the time the truck is picked up from their premises.

Their cannot be any appliances, tires, electronics, TV’s computers, stereos or monitors in the truck. The gate must be able to close and the tarp must be able to cover the load to transport it to the landfill.

The truck will be dropped off at the premise at the end of the Borough work shift and picked up the next morning between 8AM and 8:30AM.

Please call the Borough Clerks Office to schedule the Borough truck at 570-489-2135

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