Council Meetings

Borough of Olyphant

New Business September 14, 2021 Continued Regular Session of Borough Council Meeting

1- Consider adoption of the Olyphant Borough Police Department Standard Operating Procedure Manual;

2- Consider adoption of a Resolution authorizing the Board of Commissioners of Lackawanna County to submit an Application for Federal Fiscal Year 2021 CDBG Program Funds in the amount of $105,762.00 on behalf of the Borough of Olyphant;

3- Consider approval of the 2022 Minimum Municipal Obligation Calculations for the Borough Police Pension Plan and the Borough Non-Uniform Pension Plan;

4- Consider purchase 2022 F-550 4 x 4 SD Regular Cab 145″ WB DRW XL (F5H), from either Costars Approved Dealer or the State Contract Piggyback; price approximately $82,750.00

5- Consider the acceptance of a Bid from the Bids submitted for the 2021 Liquid Fuels Paving Project;

6- Consider the acceptance of a Bid from the Bids submitted for the Demolition of the former Weber Building on Delaware Avenue;

7- Olyphant Fire Chief and Fire Marshall- Suspended Indefinitely;

8- Civil Service Opening – Police hire;

9- Resolution authorizing the application for a multi modal grant in the amount of $988,000;

Meeting Minutes

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