Mask Requirements

The Masking Order specifically requires a face covering to be worn under the following circumstances:

  1. Outdoors, if unable to maintain six feet from other individuals (excluding household members);
  2. In any indoor location where the general public can go;
  3. Waiting for or traveling in a taxi, ride-sharing vehicle, or other public transportation (applies to both passengers and drivers);
  4. Obtaining healthcare services;
  5. While working, whether on-site or off-site; interacting in person with a member of the public; working in an areas visited by the public; working where food is prepared/packaged for sale; working in or walking through common areas or other enclosed areas where other people are present and when unable to stay six feet apart (excluding household members).

The limited exceptions to this Order are listed below. Note that no documentation is required to demonstrate that an exception applies.  

  1. Medical reasons prevent wearing a face covering;
  2. Working with a mask would create an unsafe condition;
  3. Removing the mask would require assistance from another person;
  4. Individuals are under 2 years old;
  5. Individuals communicating with hearing-impaired or disabled persons require the ability to see the mouth for communication.
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